HydroSilex Marine
HydroSilex Marine

HydroSilex Marine

Ceramic Coating

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HydroSilex Marine is the leading DIY ceramic surface protection for the marine industry, as it has been specially designed for the marine environment's conditions. It can be applied to every surfaces of a boat, jet-ski, surfboard, etc. Its strong hold, slick and hydrophobic effects make cleaning the boat way easier, often a simple rinse off is enough. Moreover, HydroSilex Marine has been developed to provide a strong UV protection to the surface, protecting it from oxidation and fading.

  • Super slick and hydrophobic surface - making cleaning extremely easy! Often, a simple rinse off is enough.
  • Protects the surface against the harsh elements (salty water, UV rays, barnacles, dirt, etc).
  • UV protection - the coating protects harmful UV rays from damaging the surface. 
  • Strong gloss - nanoparticles fill the pores in the surface creating a deep mirror finish.
  • Layer it! - it is a layerable DIY coating, meaning each layer will add strength and durability to the protection.
  • Easy spray & wipe application.

HydroSilex Marine can be easily applied to every surfaces of a boat (paint, metal, plastics, chrome, leather, fabric...) including gelcoat!

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DIY ceramic coating designed for the marine environment.

HydroSilex Coating application.

1. Spray an even mist onto a clean, dry, cool surface. One small panel/section at a time.

2. Immediately buff with a clean microfiber towel in a waving motion.

3. For a perfect finish, follow up with a second light buff using another clean microfiber towel in a waving motion.

It's easy and you can do it yourself!